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RedSeal Networks

From speeding deployment and use case refinement through advanced technical integration, RedSeal Global Services provide proactive security intelligence and proven validation that strengthen your network defenses.

Unparalleled Global Expertise

The RedSeal Professional Services Team has some of the world’s most field tested practitioners with proven skills in cutting-edge network security assessment and advanced vulnerability management. With in-depth experience gained across a variety of network environments, our team members understand the challenges faced by your staff every day.

The Ultimate Catalyst to Sustained Advancement

Through proven methodologies and hands-on expertise honed during the deployment and use of RedSeal in numerous enterprises, our Professional Services offerings deliver tactical capabilities that maximize RedSeal implementation including:

  • Comprehensive Deployment
    Confirming that RedSeal is informed with the most accurate and complete network topology to support conclusive analysis.

  • Dynamic Policy Alignment
    Driving assessment around necessary device configurations and mandated protection,
    with in-depth validation of specific security device policies and compliance requirements.
  • Adaptive Integration
    Verifying cohesive information flow between RedSeal and adjacent technologies including: VA scanners, patch management, compliance automation, and enterprise dashboards.

The RedSeal Professional Services Team is wholly dedicated to ensuring that our clients garner the most out of their investments – consistently addressing immediate goals and building toward continued achievement of long-term milestones.

RedSeal Global Professional Services Offerings

RedSeal Professional Services employ a structured methodology to ensure your success.

  • RedSeal Startup Services
    Ensure that network infrastructure adheres to best practices and rapidly produce security visualizations to identify risks.
  • Network Configuration Hardening Services
    Ensure that device configurations adhere to best practices, flag violations; implement automated assessment.
  • Security Metric Report Services
    Generate actionable metrics and KPIs to monitor security and remediation effectiveness; trend risk exposure.
  • Continuous Compliance Services
    Ensure compliance with policies such as PCI DSS and implement automated assessment for all requirements.
  • Architecture Design Services
    Apply analytics to hypothetical network design to vet future network design goals and principals; validate hardening.
  • Administration/Health Check Services
    Managed operation and administration of RedSeal including system, topology, task and groups reviews, and reporting.
  • Integration Services
    Managed and informed integration of RedSeal with other adjacent network security architecture using the RedSeal API.

If further customization is required, our team of experts is on hand to support your changing priorities. In addition to our packaged pro services offerings, RedSeal also offers managed network and architecture assessment, along with customer and partner certification services.