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RedSeal Networks

Visibility brings control. Control enables prevention. The RedSeal Platform brings you all three, enabling you to:


RedSeal continuously analyzes your network security infrastructure, identifying critical points of weakness, configuration flaws and compliance violations that can lead to breaches. This security gap intelligence is presented graphically and interactively.
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RedSeal cuts through complexity and shows you the highest priority gaps in the context of business groups, policy standards, network topology and overall business risk. This actionable intelligence puts you in control, focusing resources on the most important issues.
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It’s not just about keeping the bad guys out. It’s about keeping the good stuff in. The RedSeal Platform shows the paths into your network and to your most valuable assets, as well as the paths that could be used to take data out of your complex network. This lets you prevent cyber attacks from the inside out.
Overview | Case Study | Video | Demo